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Lampedusa in Festival is an informational blog that focuses on the festival happening around the island and its neighbouring country, Italy. It brings to you important information about the illegal migration of migrants from the North of Africa through the island, and finding their way into Europe. This dangerous act has led to the death of thousands of migrants yearly, and how this death toll will continue to climb if good measures are not put in place to control this issue. Some Oscar nominated movies were put together to document the activities taking place in this place.

The blog also talks about the economic and political situations in Italy. The rate at which criminal acts increases in the country is alarming and it is mainly caused by lack of employment for its citizens. It brings to you the activities of notorious gangsters that have been terrorizing the area and how some people see it as the most reliable way of becoming rich. This heinous activities have extended to kids where they now form organized criminal groups causing uproar in the country. The bad debt of Italy is another vital aspect on this blog.

This blog also look at the site of attraction available in Lampedusa and its neighboring islands. Apart from being a home and hope to migrants, Lampedusa is blessed with amazing natural resources that makes it a perfect destination for vacation.

There are tons of beaches and hotels to keep you and your family entertained during holidays.

Lampedusa in Festival also talks about the inhabitants of the island and their friendly and welcoming nature that makes living on the island enjoyable.

Our Mission

Lampedusa in Festival is committed to reducing the crime rate around the world, through creating awareness of the impending issues that are about to or already plaguing mankind. We also aim at exposing the most exciting places in the world where you can visit with family and friends to enjoy some moments of your life.

It is our intent to see nations coming out of economic and political struggles and making live enjoyable for their citizens by creating more jobs and coming up with reforms that will change lives positively.

And we accept the responsibility of bringing the nations of the world together and suggesting sustainable policies that will help transform the cultural, economic and political affairs around the world. Changing lives and putting a smile on people’s face is our top priority.

Our Belief

Lampedusa in Festival believe in a world that is void of crime. Bringing all the concerns that plague the world and providing solutions is one of our primary responsibility.

We also believe in a fun-filled world where people from all over the globe come together to catch maximum.

One of the keys to happy living is freeing the mind from the burdens of life and visiting some points of attractions that keep you motivated and focused in life.