Welcome To Lampedusa In Festival An informational blog that focuses on the festival happening around the island and its neighbouring country, Know More About Italy The blog also talks about the economic and political situations in Italy. Learn More About Lampedusa This blog also looks at the sites of attractions available in Lampedusa and its neighboring islands.

About Lampedusa In Festival

Lampedusa in Festival is an informational blog that focuses on the festival happening around the island and its neighbouring country, Italy. It brings to you important information about the illegal migration of migrants from the North of Africa through the island, and finding their way into Europe. This dangerous act has led to the death of thousands of migrants yearly, and how this death toll will continue to climb if good measures are not put in place to control this issue. Some Oscar nominated movies were put together to document the activities taking place in this place.

Best Summer Festival In Italy

The Italia Wave Festival

The Notte Rosa Or Pink Night
The Adriatic Riviera

The Traffic Free Festival

Estate Romana

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“The ultimate solution to this problem is not found at sea, but on land. There is need to change the mentality and the lives of these migrants who believe their only option is to flee. This is where more attention is needed and the EU needs to play a role in this to help put an end or drastically reduce the problem of migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea.”

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Lampedusa in Festival is an informational blog that gives you details of all the happenings in Lampedusa Island and its effect on the economy and politics of Italy. It aims at discussing about the illegal migration that takes place across the Mediterranean and how tons of migrants lost their lives each year. It also looks at the reforms going on in Italy in recent time, high unemployment rate which has led to criminal activities, and the country’s bad debt.

Apart from being a home to migrants, Lampedusa is a great point of attraction for tourists all over the world. There are amazing beaches, hotels, and eye-catching places to visit in this island that will give you a wonderful experience.

Beauty Of Lampedusa

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