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From music to cherry blossom, exodus to mountainous regions to celebration of art and culture, the festivals in Italy are numerous and multi-faceted. Be it a backpacking trip or a romantic honeymoon, the summer festivals in Italy have the same charm to all visitors. It is final week of April in 2019 and this means that some of the festivals like the Verona In Love in Valentines’ Week of February or the Ciliegi In Fiore or Cherry Blossom festivals have already passed. So, waste no more time and plan for the upcoming festivals which should definitely be on your wishlist –

Lil Humpers

Lil Humpers – by Reality Kings

Lil Humpers is an adult project presented to the public by Reality Kings – authors of the most popular series in the adult industry. They came up with an idea of planting young guys against experienced MILFs on a set. What’s the result? You could be shocked the vigor simply oozing from each of the episodes. Can you be surprised, though? After all it’s young spirit versus maturity and experience!

Mille Miglia

From 15th to 18th May, the vintage car rally will take place from Brescia to all the way to Rome where few thousand vintage cars will take the round trip. Exploring various Italian cities en-route, the journey will start from Brescia on 15th May, stop in Rome the next day and on 18th May, the cars will return to Brescia again, followed by award ceremony.   

Settimana Della Cultura

The Festival Week of Cultures or Settimana della Cultura will have its 8th edition this year from n11th to 19th May in Palermo. Music, reading, painting, photography, puppet shows, ethnic arts, literary walks, movies, sports, dance, murals, street food, guided tours, installations and many more are there on plate.

Festival Del Teatro Greco

From 9th May till 6th July, the Greek Theatre of Syracuse in Sicily will celebrate the 55th Greek Theatre Festival. If you have inclination towards Greek plays and theatre, the presentation of Aristophanes’ and Euripides’ plays will surely be treat go eyes and ears. This year, you can behold The Trojan Women and Helen by Euripides and Lysistrata by Aristophanes.

Infiorata Di Noto

This 36th flower festival in Cicily will take place on third Sunday of May i.e. 17th May. This traditional Baroque festival of flowers in Noto’s Central Street through Nicolaci will be a treat to everyone who loves flowers. The entire street will be covered with different colored petals creating enormous designs in celebration of Corpus Christi. 

Feast Of San Giorgio

In Ragusa Ibla, the Festa di San Georgio will take place on 24th, 25th and 26th of May as celebration of the patron saint. You will have sprawling view of the baroque San Giorgio Basilica, where the festival will start by distributing bread to workers and farmers as good luck. Against firing cannons, tolling church bells, ethereal fireworks and military parade are some of the key attractions.  

Luminara Of San Ranieri, La Notte Rosa

The St Ranieri Festival in Pisa will take place on 16th and 17th June with burning candles inside wooden or glass frames, regatta and fireworks above the Arno. Considered among the biggest festivals, the highlight of the festival is illuminating bridges, palaces, towers and churches reflecting on Arno. On 6th and 7th July, the Pink Night or La Notte Rosa will take place along 170kms Adriatic Coast of Marche and Romagna with performing arts and fireworks of pinkish tint.     

Florence Dance Festival

From 3rd July to 2nd August, the 29th edition of this festival with contemporary tradition will be organized with dance, music, theatre and performing arts. Santa Maria Novella Open Day, Nederlands Dans Theater and shows by Arnie Zane Company and Michael Clark Company will be the highlights.

Summer Jamboree

From 31st July to 11th August, the Summer Jamboree will be organized to celebrate American culture and music dating back to 1940’s and 1950’s. You will love the vinyl and retro gear markets; vintage car shows and the live concerts.

Apart from these, the Gelato Festival in September, International White Truffle Fair in October-November and the Umbria Jazz Winter in the last week of December are also going to be happen.

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