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The Challenges Of Doing Business In Italy

There are wealth of potential to boost the economy of Italy, but different layers of bureaucracy and cultural characteristics constantly leave businesses bemused, which is why it is essential to seek for local help if you must do business in the country. Italy has so many strategic locations and vast network of businesses that is […]

Italy’s Economic Crisis A Threat To Europe’s Stability

Italy is at the point of tempering with the stability of Europe but the political and economic crisis taking place in the country is basically going unnoticed. From the problem of illegal migrant crossing through the Mediterranean to the proposed referendum coming up in October. Everyone’s focus right now is how Britain’s vote of leaving the EU will politically and economically affect […]

European Banks: The Complicated Failure Of Two Italian Lenders

A bank sickens slowly but dies fast. For several years, Veneto Banca and Banca Popolare di Vicenza, in the thriving Veneto, in north eastern part of Italy, had been greatly affected by mismanagement. The level of high crime rate has also led to the fall of these banks. For months, the Italian authorities had been […]