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Why Naples Is Experiencing A Rise In Crime Wave

The rate at which crime activities is growing all over the world is alarming and the respective authorities have tried their possible best to curtail this violent act but yet, these heinous acts are still on the increase. For instance in Europe, one of the places that is experiencing the highest crime activities is Naples, Italy. In this city, both the old and young get involved in criminal acts and they see it as the most reliable and fastest way to get rich.

There are lots of violence and crime related activities in Naples, most of which reportedly caused by the oldest crime syndicate group known as “baby gangs” of the Camorra, Italy.

“Gomorrah”, a global best-seller by Roberto Saviano.”

Naples is a city in southern Italy that is known as one of the most dreadful places to live in Europe. In recent weeks, several gangland killings have taken place in this dreadful location which has gone further in crippling the reputation of the city. Between 25th of May and 4th of June, about 8 persons were shot dead in this province and its immediate environs. The Campania region of Italy is home to the oldest crime syndicate known as Camorra, whose devastations were recorded in “Gomorrah”, a global best-seller by Roberto Saviano. There are also television series and film that’s based on it. From all indications, it is likely that these incessant killings were perpetrated by mobsters. The government, who had previously deployed the services of the military to the area to assist the police have almost doubled the number of patrol vehicles on duty. Besides deploying the army to help fight crime issues in this zone, the government representatives of Naples’ province has organized an emergency meeting to explore other counter measures.

What Is The Reason Behind The Recent Upsurge In Crime Wave?

“Unlike the other two big mafias in Italy, the Camorra is not a ranked secret criminal group.”

Unlike the other two big mafias (‘Ndrangheta and Sicily’s Cosa Nostra of Calabria) in Italy, the Camorra is not a ranked secret criminal group. Despite what most insiders call them – O’sistema, which means the System – this group is a random collection of deadly gangs that are constantly fighting for power over territory and are also into drug trafficking, an illegal dealings that accounts for the most part of the Camorra’s immense wealth. For this reason, Turf wars have become a common phenomenon in the city of Naples.

However, a huge part of the latest violence in Naples have been linked to the Camorra’s deadly gang known as baby gangs. This gang has crew members as tender as 12 years old and at least an alleged boss of age 16. Being the son of a dreaded and imprisoned godfather, this teenage boss was arrested on the 24th of May, accused of killing two of his older assistants last year when he was just 15 years of age. He has an illustrative story.

“The government called for zero-tolerance measures.”

Paradoxically, these famous and reckless violent bands became so rampant due to successful policing: Majority of the most dreaded mobsters in the city, like the one headed by the teenage boss’s father, have been imprisoned. What the “baby gangs” are into now is to keep up with the territory there respective bosses consider as theirs. Therefore, the widespread of the stesa technique, meant to bring about the clear submission of the city’s population: the tender gangsters storm into a street or square with all forms of ammunitions shooting sporadically in the air and making bystanders run helter skelter just to save themselves from stray bullets. Policing can do just so much. After a couple of intimidatory attack in a specifically Camorra-ridden area of central Naples, the government called for zero-tolerance measures.

Among the raids carried out by these gangs included roadblocks and looking for houses needed by the local mobsters. But police in the area often run into stumbling blocks from local individuals and the stese normally return when the additional patrols are requested to leave. Some Neapolitans see the Camorra as the best and most reliable sources of employment available. Lack of employment for juvenile in Naples and its immediate environs is among the top rated in Europe.

For most of the young folks, especially those that lack any qualifications, gangland provides a mouth-watering path to wealth. In the real sense, this often leads to death or incarceration.