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The Best Summer Festival In Italy

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Located in southern Europe, Italy is a country that’s full of festivals, events and outdoor concerts – most of which take place during summer when holidaying is at its peak.

There are so many things to thrill you in Italian festivals – the weather, the beautiful country, and the food at these festivals is something to look forward to enjoying.

Below are some of the best summer festivals in Italy to get you thrilled.

4 Best Summer Festivals In Italy

1. The Italia Wave Festival, Livorno

If you are a fan of dance music and indie rock, this is a must-attend festival. This ingenious festival started way back in Tuscan town, then move briefly to Florence. Currently, it is celebrated in Livorno and plays host to some of the top names in international music.   


The festival combines both national and local acts alongside top international acts, which makes the festival unique and hardly found anywhere else around the world.

2. The Notte Rosa Or Pink Night, The Adriatic Riviera

This festival is regarded as the summer’s New Year’s Eve party for a number of good reasons, and it runs along the Adriatic Riviera. During this festival, both the young and old feel the craving to take part in the party.

Places like Rimini adorn themselves with pink light, pink hot-air balloon, pink decoration, etc.

It is similar to the famous White Nights celebrated in European cities like Rome or Paris.

3. The Traffic Free Festival In Turin

Most tourists overlook Turin when it comes to traditional Italian tours, and head to Florence, Venice, Rome and Milan. This is a shame because this city has so much to offer in terms of attraction sites. Aside its history, sport and architecture activities, Turin is home to Italy’s top free music festival. For example, hundreds of people flocked out during this year’s festival to get thrilled by music and Oscar nominated films.

See more on a review of the Oscar nominated documentary “Fire At Sea” by Gianfranco Rosi.

4. Estate Romana In Rome

During the summer when the temperature is high, most of the big Italian cities experience an exodus, as people move out to the mountains or the seaside. It’s a festival that dates back to many decades, and one that is difficult to counter.

This festival is as a result of most of the big cities trying to make their cities look more attractive to its residents.