Touring Lampedusa: What Visitors Stand To Enjoy When They Visit The Island

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Touring Lampedusa: What Visitors Stand To Enjoy When They Visit The Island

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Lampedusa is a beautiful and attractive island that is located around the Mediterranean Sea, south of Italy. It is blessed with so many breath-taking features that makes it one of the most enjoyable tourist sites in the world.

Apart from being a must-visit site for visitors, Lampedusa remains an Island of hope for migrants.

Things To Enjoy When You Visit Lampedusa

“Pelagian Archipelago”

 The Island of Lampedusa is one of the most frequent destinations for scuber divers, sun worshippers and nature lovers. It is at the border of the terrain that separates Europe from the African coast. This glorious island south of Sicily aid in the creation of the Pelagian Archipelago, along with surrounding island the Scoglio and Linosa.

From the tiniest and most hidden to the most crowdest and largest, Lampedusa is known for its numerous beaches and hospitable qualities. Firstly, the amazing coves of Cala Uccello and Cala Pisana open onto the sparkling sea, while the Maluk and Calas Spugna lie on the east of the island. Cala Greca, is quite small and covered with pure white sand. Taking your family and loved ones to this place is an experience you would live to remember for the rest of your life. Other places to visit are Cala Galera, Cala Croce, Cala Madonna, and Porto N’tone. All these locations have beaches that are ideal for family visit.

“The famous Guitgia beach.”

Other remarkable places to visit are the spectacular and famous Guitgia beach, which is the closest to hotels and most accessible to public transport. Going for a 4 or 3 hour boat ride is one of the best ways to appreciate the importance and beauty of these beaches, tiny harbors and coves. There are abundance of aquatic animals that abound in this region and the clarity of the sea and the amazing seafloor makes viewing thrilling.

During summer when the nights are very hot, you can make an effort to go to many celebrations taking place on the beaches in the island, including musical performances, spaghetti cookouts & barbecues, and bonfires. The experiences from these events are entertaining and refreshing.

There are tons of world class hotels with great facilities to accommodate you throughout your stay in this island. You don’t have to worry about what to eat because you will get intercontinental dishes of your choice.

One food you would like to taste is the fish cous cous, a combination of Sicilian and African flavors; the locals of Lampedusa prepare their version by adding lobster, seafood and shrimp. It is best eaten with a glass of chilled white wine. Also, the inhabitants of this island are friendly and accommodating, which will make your stay in this place worthwhile.